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Investment Highlight

Safe and Proven Investment Strategy

The investment committee consist of 5 members who are responsible to optimise investment returns by making investment decisions in accordance to strict and proven strategies in selecting projects and risk management. Committee members will be involved in each invested project to monitor and control the fund.

Highly Transparent Investment Process

Unlike some other financial products’ complicated investment strategy, our fund are easily understood by investor due to its highly transparent investment process. For each investment project, investors can easily access information such as land purchased price, construction cost and selling price etc.

Risk Management

  • Joint-invest with Australia record-proven developers to ensure smooth sailing throughout project development.
  • The fund will invest in several projects to spread its risk instead of putting all investment in one basket.
  • Fund manager will take project life span into consideration during investment decision making process to ensure returns are distributed back to investors before or at the end of commitment period.


  • The fund will hold land ownership of the projects that it’s investing in. By investing in the fund, investors became shareholders of the fund. Each investors will hold the land ownership according to their investment amount.