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Our Core Business

We are a real estate fund company managing funds, investing in the development of / and completed properties in Singapore and globally.

Our Mission

At Wisdom Asset Management (“WAM”), our greatest ambition is to safe guard and grow your wealth. We must have the experience and deep analytical insights on the real estate market we invest in for you. We design our services and solutions to provide confidence in your investment decision and to reach your long-term financial objectives.

Our 3-Way Tests

  1. Will we invest in our own capacity?
  2. Will the investment generate a fair return for you?
  3. Will we manage the risk well for you?

Our Commitment to You

  1. We will invest your money like our own. We will only invest your money if we would invest in our own capacity.
  2. Your interest is our first priority. You must win first. Our fair return can only come when we generate quality assets growth for you. This keeps our interest clearly aligned with yours.
  3. We are passionate in our work, investments and performance. We enjoy getting the best returns and growing your assets for you. It is a must for us.
  4. We are responsible and will do our best for you as the continued success of our business depends on you.
  5. We will endlessly pursue the excellence in our work. We will constantly innovate and find new ways to generate wealth for you.
  6. The world is ever changing and investment is becoming more complex with new regulations and trends. We embrace changes. We believe what works today may not work tomorrow. We strive to adapt and be ahead.
  7. We believe in building a lasting relationship with you based on trust. We are guided spiritually and morally to be honest and fair in the conduct of our work and to you. You can expect the highest standard of our conduct.